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Why choose Blackhall Financial Services? 

Blackhall Financial Services Ltd (“Blackhall”) was established in 2005 by George Stephens and Gerry Cooke, Partners of Stephens Cooke & Co, Chartered Accountants. George and Gerry had been in practice as Chartered Accountants since 1987.

The rationale of establishing Blackhall Financial Services was to provide a separate identity to the Accountancy Firm and to offer a wider range of financial products and services to clients with a dedicated professional team. 

The Directors of Blackhall comprise of George Stephens (Managing), Gerry Cooke, John O’Connell and Anne-Marie Hannon.  Gerry, John and George are also Chartered Accountants with the relevant Investment Intermediary qualification. In addition they have extensive accounting, commercial and taxation expertise and experience. Gerry and John are Partners in Stephens Cooke & Associates.

We feel that the commercial and corporate restructuring experience of the directors gives Blackhall a significant advantage in the area of wealth extraction and wealth management in order to assist clients build personal wealth outside of their business. The taxation expertise of the directors enables the firm to attract clients who are looking for investment ideas and products that will support retirement planning or succession planning objectives. Many of our competitors do not possess this expertise.

 Client Testimonials

`Blackhall Financial Services have just saved my family a considerable amount of money and released a substantial cash lump sum at the same time.  I asked the firm to review existing life insurance policies for myself and my husband to see if a reduction in our premium was possible. We now have  adequeate if not better life insurance cover  Not only are we paying a considerably lower monthly premium, but there was a cash build up in the policy, of which we had been unaware and which we were delighted to be able to access.   The whole process took only a matter of days.  The staff at Blackhall Financial Services are exceptionally knowledgeable whom I most heartily recommend`

Deirdre O`Kane


`I have absolute trust in the Directors & staff of Blackhall Financial Services  I perceive that there is much knowledge & experience in the team and to date, I have never been let down or given bad advice.   I feel that I can ask for advice to help me make a decision and when a decision has been made the team will either execute it fully or support me in my efforts to execute it.

The personal relationship I have with team in Blackhall Financial Services is paramount to me.  There is a lot of respect in our business dealings which has created good friendships and both of these make me feel that your firm will always offer me the right advice to ensure that I benefit, even though Blackhall might not benefit directly`

Tony Nerney, Longford Architectural Metalwork