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Pensions are one of the most tax-efficient ways to save for your retirement, however it is important to get the right adviceWe can help you understand the full range of options open for deposits both personal and corporateWe can provide a range of investment options to suit all - from the most cautious to the more speculative investor.Safeguard what matters the most. Tailored Life Cover and Serious Illness Plans to offer you peace of mind.

At Blackhall Financial Services the belief is that choosing a Financial Advisor is a very significant decision. Financial Advisor’s can play a central role in helping you meet your life goals and achieving financial well-being, by assisting you in addressing specific financial needs at different stages throughout your life.

Blackhall Financial Services have a firm policy of transparency which has gained the firm the reputation of being “Trusted Advisors”, who can be relied upon to place its clients’ welfare ahead of any short term profit motive. This is what differentiates the Blackhall team from many other Brokers and Financial Institutions.

We are specialists in the areas of Financial Planning, Life Assurance, Mortgage Protection, Critical Illness, Savings & Investments, Health Insurance and Retirement Planning.

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